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My earliest memory of Aunt Sheila is when her and Uncle Doug came to Portland when grandpa Dill was sick. I knew Aunt Sheila and Uncle Doug were the family from Kentucky and they flew a long way to be with grandpa. In the short time that they were with us in Portland, grandpa passed away. I remember Aunt Sheila leaving an impression of her kindness and warmth.

My next memory was the excitement swirling around the house that Uncle Doug and Aunt Sheila were moving back to Oregon! They would be just two hours away in Eugene Oregon. Once they arrived, we visited occasionally. Every visit was so wonderful. So much to talk about. They were so interesting to me as they felt like world travelers. So smart and kind. Aunt Sheila always prepared an amazing meal. I saw her as such a strong comforting woman. I loved being around her. Eventually, my college path leads me straight to Eugene, University of Oregon. It was exciting to have family there that I could connect with, and I did. As often as I could, I would go to their house to visit. The visits would be long and impressionable. They helped me with so much, like advocating for myself, and how to be professional. They were always more than happy to share advice on things like my resume and job finding skills. More importantly we talked a lot about family. I felt such a strong bond with both of them. Aunt Sheila always made me feel so special. I felt her love for me and it was mutual. I knew that I had a place and I was always welcome. Never mind that Aunt Sheila’s meals were always calling my name! She was the best cook, and even shared her recipes with me. I continue to make some of my favorites that I learned from her.

After some time, I graduated from college and Aunt Sheila and Uncle Doug moved to Nevada. Our visits were few and far between until recent years when we started our annual visit over Memorial weekend. We’d drive down, and spend them most wonderful few days together. I’m am forever thankful for that time. The bond I shared with Aunt Sheila, trickled down to my daughters. I am so thankful that they had those years to get to know both her and Uncle Doug. They absolutely adored Aunt Sheila. She made our visits so fun for them. She set them up as waitresses for all of our meals together. They’d take our orders and serve us. They loved every minute of it.

I will forever be grateful for my time with my amazing Aunt and Uncle. They taught me so much about life. I do and will continue miss our visits together. I’m thankful for the memories, and will hold them dear to my heart.


Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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