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Grandma Sheila-la Dill

One year for Kith-n-Kin we were in Tahoe and we went out for lunch and Grandma and I shared a salad. I loved everything about it except that it had blue cheese.

Grandma and Grandpa came out to stay with Thomas and I, in Missouri, when we were young while Bryan, Mom, and Dad went to Costa Rica for 10 days and we ate a lot of ice cream and popcorn. Grandma and I also made a nice table runner that we surprised Mom with when they returned.

When Grandma and Grandpa lived in Gardnerville we would take a walk after dinner when we'd visit, and often walk as far as the park.

It was fun when Grandma would dress up as 'Madam Sheila-la' and tell us our fortunes.

Grandma Sheila-la Dill AKA Madame Sheila-La as Rendered by Melody Garrett Doug and Sheila in Gardnerville Backyard Bench














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